Friday, 17 May 2019

Squash and Toast week

Very well done to all our Year 6 pupils who have demonstrated a wonderful attitude to their SATs this week. They have shown true Silverhill SPIRIT during quash and toast week and we are very proud of them all. With squash and Toast to start each day and afternoons of sport, art, boards games and a trip to the park to look after our mental wellbeing.  Finally the delivery of our Leavers Hoodies certainly helped put a smile on our faces!

Well done Year 6 2019 - we’re proud of you all!

Spellathon Spending

Thank you so much to all the parents, friends and families who supported our Year 5 and 6 pupils doing their Spellathon earlier in the year. Thanks to your generosity and the pupil's hard work we have been able to replace our very tatty few dictionaries and thesauruses with a lovely new set of 15 school dictionaries and 15 primary thesauruses for each of our Year 5 and 6 classes. We love using high quality vocabulary in our work so these will really help!   

Year 5 science week

This week year 5 have been enjoying their Science Week.  The topic has been Living Things and their Habitats – specifically the life-cycles of animals and plants.  We’ve had lots of fun and in this photo you can see the children testing their seed spinners in the sunshine.

Year 4 Mountain Rescue

As part of our Extreme Survival Theme, Year 4 were extremely privileged to receive a visit from Paul from the Derby Mountain Rescue Team. Paul talked to us about the role and importance of the Mountain Rescue team and brought his extremely oversized rucksack, sharing the equipment and expertise required to fulfil their roles in rescues! 

Thank you to the families and parents of our Year 4 children who made donations towards the Mountain Rescue team. We raised just over £70 which Paul was extremely grateful to receive! 

Year 3 meet Animal Magic

On Friday 3rd May, Year 3 enjoyed meeting a variety of amazing Rainforest animals.

‘Animal Magic’ came to visit and brought along snakes, sugar gliders, scorpions and Boo the owl, amongst others. We were very brave and had the opportunity to touch or hold the animals. We also learnt a lot about their habitats and how we can help protect them. 

Definitely a sensational start to remember!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Easter winners

Just before Easter, many children yet again took part in our annual Easter egg competition. As ever, there was an eggs-tremely high standard - with some eggs-cellent themes including our very own Rock Steady and a lot of BrEGGsit ideas from many of the entries! Congratulations to all our winners...

Robins - Tyler
Wrens - 
Sparrows - Seth's L'egg' o
Swallows - Duru's traditional Easter basket
Kestrels - Dylan's Titanic
Peregrines - Tom's beaver egg
Goldfinches - Alice's Silverhill Singers
Chaffinches - Harry
Kingfishes - 
Nightingales - Ryan's spiders
Barn Owls - 
Snowy Owls - Catlin
Hawks - VIc's WW2 planes
Eagles - Isaak

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Surviving in Year 4

On Tuesday 30th April, Year 4 set off on the mile and a half walk over Hackwood fields to Rural Pride Outdoor Activity Centre. The pupils really enjoyed the sensational start to our Extreme Survivors topic where they learned how to be 'Silverhill Survivors' by making our own fires and shelters. We even created cups out of clay dug up from the ground. We think we are now well equipped to survive in even the most extreme conditions.