Sunday, 23 September 2018

Year 6 in the 1940s

 A fantastic effort on their costumes when our new Year 6 pupils went back to 1940s Britain to launch their World War 2 topic. On  Wednesday 12th September the children spent the day on four different activities, each one giving them a brief introduction to the topic. A walk along the railway line to the station to be evacuated, cooking with rationing recipes, sewing for 'make-do-and-mend' and a full boot camp military session to join the army! The children had a wonderful day and it was certainly a 'sensational start' to the theme for this term!

Year 5 in Space!

Details of the Year 5 sensational start coming soon!

Year 4 make London!

On Thursday 13th September Year 4 had a sensational start to their new topic with a junk modelling day to recreate some very well known London landmarks! Later in the term the Year 4 pupils are off on a very exciting trip to London - keep visiting our blog and Twitter to follow all the exciting work they do in the build up to their trip!

Year 3 making caves!

On Tuesday 11th September, Year 3 launched their new theme ‘stones, bones and no I-phones’ by turning their classroom into caves and working on some fabulous cave art! Come back to the blog son to see what other exciting adventures the children have in the stone ages!

Year 2 mystery boxes

On 10th September a mystery box arrived in the Year 2 classrooms. The children had some great ideas about what might be inside - come back to the blog soon to see what they find out!

Year 1 out and about

Our Year 1 pupils kicked the year off with a sensational start for their 'Through the Key Hole' theme. The children went out and about in the local area for a Mickleover discovery Hunt to explore the different house types in Mickleover by finding clues and following a map. A great start to their theme work.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

We are very proud of our school and from the comments returned to school after school reports went home last year, so are you! Here is a selection of what some of you fed back to us...

So proud of our daughter and the wonderful year of learning she has had! She just can't get enough of learning new things and this is in part due to the wonderful learning environment you provide. Thank you!

We are extremely proud of our daughter's achievements over the last year at Silverhill. We are so grateful to all her teachers and all the staff for being so fantastic. A massive thank you!

We are so proud of our son and the progress he has made this year. We really appreciate all of the support given by the wonderful staff at Silverhill. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making him feel so happy and settled.

Our son has thoroughly enjoyed his year at Silverhill and it is good to see that he has been progressing and contributing well. It appears you know our child very well and we couldn't have written a better description of him ourselves! Thank you for everything you do!

We feel really proud of our son and what he has achieved this year particularly with his writing, letters and sounds. Thank you to everyone who has helped and coached  and improved his confidence levels this year.

I am so glad our daughter is at Silverhill. Thank you!

My son has developed massively this year and he has loved being part of his class. Thanks to the staff for making his year at school an enjoyable experience. Your positive and fun attitude has helped him settle in well.