Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pond dipping...

Last Thursday Shrub club went down to our new pond and investigated what they saw below the water. They found lots of tadpoles and frogspawn which is not surprising as lots of students have seen frogs around! Here are the other things that they saw: nymphs, pond snails, water beetles & the greater water boatman. We are sure we will see lots more of these creatures as the weather gets warmer! (hopefully)

Year 3 trip to Castleton

The year 3’s enjoyed some action- packed days when they went to Castleton in the Peak District. The activities included archery, climbing the hills and visiting the village’s own historic castle. We also hear that they thoroughly enjoyed the delicious breakfasts giving them energy to stay active all day. At night they looked forward to playing games before they went upstairs to bed for a well-earned rest.