Thursday, 29 June 2017

ACE project with Year 6

On Tuesday 27th June, all our Year 6 pupils were invited by Derbyshire Police to the Derby Velodrome Arena to take part in their ACE project (Awareness in Children's Environment) . The event saw Derby Police officers join forces with local businesses, Derby County Community Trust,  the NHS, Derby City Council and Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service in an event featuring a range of interactive activities aimed at keeping young people safe and healthy. These activities supported our Science and PSHE curriculum from the risks of smoking and healthy bodies to electrical and internet safety. The event was even covered by BBC East MIdlands today! 

Quad kids

On Monday 26th June our two quad kids teams were back in action in the Derby City SSP Quadkids competition. Taking part in 600m race, 75m race standing long jump and howler throw, the children had a great day with Team A achieving Silver, making it through to the County Finals next month. A big thanks to Mr Brundish @UK_strengthlab Well done teams!

Hockey team in action!

On Friday 23rd June a year 6 team took part in the Derby City SSP hockey competition at Moorways Stadium. Despite very little practice the children showed Silverhill Spirit and came an overall 5th - well done team!

Year 2 Farm to fork

Year 2 have had a super week on the 'Farm to Fork trail' at Tesco.  We've been learning about where our food comes from and the importance of eating healthy food.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to taste some of the food too.  What an amazing time we had!  Thank you Sue and Mindy at Tesco.

Cycle squad winners!

Many congratulations to our team of cyclist who, on the 22nd June, become Cyclo Cross and Grass Track city champions for the 3rd year running! The team have now made it through to the County finals on 11th July! Fantastic!

Friday, 23 June 2017

NSPCC Speak out. Stay Safe.

On Tuesday 20th June pupils in KS1 and KS2 were visited by NSPCC staff to deliver their 'Speak out. Stay safe' programme. By the end of the assembly to all pupils and workshops to Year 5 and 6 the aim is for pupils to feel empowered and confident to speak out and stay safe. With the help of their mascot Buddy, the programme aims to help children:

  • understand abuse in all its forms and recognise the signs of abuse
  • know how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse
  • know how to get help, and the sources of help available to them, including our Childline service.

For more help, support or advice please visit our 'Keeping Your Child Safe' page on our main website.

Community Day

On Saturday June 19th the sun shone and lots of families came to help create wonderful new play spaces for our children. A great deal of work had taken place behind the scenes planning the event, purchasing the materials and creating seats for the children. After a great deal of hard work in the morning everyone enjoyed a very much needed picnic lunch provided by the PTFA and then continued to work together to complete the areas. Well done Silverhill.

Year 5 Cricket Competition

Text coming soon!

Derby Book Festival

On Thursday June 15th pupils from years 2.3 and 4 were invited to The Derby Book Festival to experience an audience with  Philip Reeves and Sarah McIntyre. The children were captivated by the enthusiasm and energy of the authors and very much enjoyed learning to draw and rollercoaster and listening how to plan out a story using pictures. In the afternoon pupils from years 5 and 6 were fascinated by the audience with Marcia Williams and gained great insight into how she researched and composed her books. Thank you everyone who organised the event as it is a wonderful opportunity for pupils to get to meet authors and listen to their stories.

Aaaaarrgghh me hearties!

Wrens and Robins had a maaaaaarrrrvellous time on our Pirate Day on June 15th. A real live pirate called Maggot Tom dropped anchor at Silverhill and came to visit us. Maggot Tom taught us all about the parts of a ship, what pirates used to eat and what sort of words and language they used. Then we did some cannonball throwing to test how accurate we were and some sword fighting too - Maggot Tom even brought in his real sword (although we didn't fight with that!!). We had a great time but we're quite glad we aren't real pirates!

Friday, 16 June 2017

National Book Tokens

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Year 1 at the Zoo

The Year 1 children had a fabulous time at the zo this week to enrich their topic 'Is it alive?'. We saw a wide variety of animals including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects. Thankfully the sun shone for us and we were able to have a picnic lunch outside- though the cheeky ducklings wanted to share our lunch! Thank you to all the children for their superb behaviour throughout the day.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Congratulations Mrs Allen!

Many congratulation from everyone at Silverhill to the lovely Miss Smith who married her childhood sweetheart this half term. We all wish the new Mr and Mrs Allen every happiness for their married life!

Year 6 cricket competition

Text coming soon...

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Another hot and sunny day for our Key Stage 2 sports day this year! Energetically pupils perfectly warmed up with the their superheros moves before moving on to demonstrate all their sporting skills in front our the scores of proud parents who came to support. The children did a magnificent job in all activities, particular congratulations to the winning team Emerald and to our individual winners of 'performers of the day' for showing such fantastic Silverhill SPIRIT.

Golf Competition

On Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017 some of the year sixes went to an amazing golf competition at Markeaton Park. Everyone tried their very best and showed lots perseverance with a new challenge and showed respect to the other schools which we were against. There was a lots of different activities such as …
1. Hit the ball in the hoop. (10 points)
2. Hit the White, Green, Blue and Yellow cone to gain different amounts of points.
3. Hit a row of cones then once done put that cone on top of the following cone.
4. Chip the ball over the water area(which was a row of cones).
And loads more.
Once we had a go at each activity for 5 minutes we went to the golf course and had a try at golf .We also had a rolly poly competition with Miss Downs! We enjoyed having an afternoon of playing golf and each team member got a certificate for being a great golf player. As there was several other schools sadly we didn’t win, but we tried our hardest and that’s all that matters. It was really fun at the golf competition and we hope that the next year sixes have just as much fun as us.

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Well done to all our FS and KS1 children who took part in sports day today! Congratulations to our Emerald team who won our KS1 and FS Sports day for the 2nd year running with 72 points and a special well done to our 'Performance of the day' certificate winners who showed lots of Silverhill SPIRIT. What a wonderful morning in the sunshine!

Walk to school week

Thank you to all our pupils, parents and families who took part in our recent Walk to School.
There were two classes that drew with a total of 115 children walking to school over the week. They were Robins and Swallows.

Mrs Turner


No sooner had SATs ended then our Year 6 pupils headed off to Borreaton Park PGL for an action packed weekend of thrills and adventures! After stopping for a fun day at Blists Hill Victorian Village, the children spent three nights and days enjoying a range of activities including raft building, zip wire, challenge course, rifle shooting, abseiling and much more! Visit our twitter page to see lots of photos and videos from our wonderful time away!

SATs week

Well done to all our Year 6 pupils who calmly took their SATs this week. Enjoying a mid morning treat of toast, juice and fruit, the children took it all in their stride and worked exceptionally hard. The children then enjoyed some fun activities in the afternoons including a trip to the park! They all gave their best and we are very proud of them.

Year 2 Gymnastics competition

On 4th May, Year 2 attended the Gymnastics Competition at Mickleover Gymnastics Club.  We all had plenty of fun and demonstrated true Silverhill SPIRIT at all times.  Congratulations Imogen for achieving the individual Gold award and Sophia for achieving individual Bronze award and to finish a super day, both teams achieved Silver and Gold overall.  What fantastic teams you all made!  Mrs Dyke and Mrs Goodchild are extremely proud of you all for your dedication and effort.  Thank you to all parents that helped support their child in practising and being able to attend the event.

High 5 Netball competition

On Wednesday 3rd May a team of year sixes went to the High 5 netball competition. We were all really excited and we were all smiling. We had only had trained a little but we did quite well for beginners because we scored 4 goals in  6 games. A few of us went to a netball multi-sports club after school so we worked together to train and help the other team members. Charlotte, Reece, Katie, Shammar, Holly C, James M, Bella and Laila had loads of encouragement for each other and the other teams and showed our Silverhill Spirit throughout.
By Bella 

Mrs Soloman's marathon!

Everyone at at Silverhill would like to congratulate Mrs Soloman for completing the London Marathon in a fantastic time of 3 hours and 7 minutes! An incredible achievement - well done!

Leavers '17

You know we are approaching the summer term when our year 6 pupils look so bright and colourful in their leavers hoodies, Although they are a little bit earlier this year due to our PGL residential trip in May, we know the children will be wearing them with pride for their final months at Silverhill!