Tuesday, 12 August 2014

James' Exciting Navy Trip!

Navy-mad James wrote to the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir George Zambellas, to ask if he could attend the naming ceremony of the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Scotland. Unfortunately all the tickets for the event had gone, so Admiral Zambellas arranged for a personal tour of Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless in Portsmouth instead. James was taken to every part of the ship including the hangar, bridge and flight deck. He also enjoyed a glass of squash in the wardroom with officers and climbed into the captain’s chair on the bridge. Such an exciting day - well done James! Click here to see the full story.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Farewell Year 6!

At the end of another very busy year at Silverhill we say so long and farewell to our brilliant Year 6 pupils who now move on to pastures new. After working exceptionally hard and achieving brilliant SAT's results the whole school lined the playground to clap the children out towards their parents. Well done Year 6 - you made us very proud, good bye and good luck to you all! Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Good luck Miss Ralph and Miss Vincent!

Lots of goodbye and good luck wishes from the end of term! We wish Miss Ralph a wonderful time as she sets off on her travels around the world. We hope she has an amazing time and remembers to send us a postcard! Good luck to Miss Vincent on her wedding day; we hope the sun shines for you and you enjoy every happiness in your married life as Mrs Winfield!

Prize Giving 2014

Congratulations to all our fantastic award winners this year. A lovely assembly attended by all pupils, staff and parents, saw Adam, Milly, Izzy, Kaylah, Ben, Malieka, Eloise, Kian, Nina, Matthew, George, Liyba, Michael and Layla collect awards for their effort, progress or attitude to their school work. For our Year 6 pupils, Molly was awarded the trophy for creative writing, the award for creativity was awarded to Leon, whilst Kieron received the Shield for effort and Alex was awarded the trophy for most improvement over the year. Year 6 awards were also presented to Arvin for art, Charlie for citizenship, Ben for music, Jessica for sports girl and Harris for sports boy. The award for English was given to Netra and the award for Maths was given to Hannah. Finally, Mrs Nash presented this year's Headteacher Award to Niamh. Many, many congratulations to all our winners. We are very proud of you all!

Aladdin' Trouble

Many congratulations to our Year 6 for their wonderful leavers production of 'Aladdin' Trouble'. Awesome acting and superb singing kept pupils, staff. parents and grand parents thoroughly entertained during three performances. Well done everyone! (And if anyone has a recording of the final 3 songs please do let me have a copy and I can add them on!)