Monday, 27 April 2015

FS2 butterflies

As part of our topic 'Does everything grow?', Foundation Stage have had some guests for the last few weeks - some caterpillars! We watched them grow from tiny little caterpillars (about 5mm long), into big fat caterpillars before they made their cocoons. We have been waiting and waiting for them to emerge and today, finally, the last one of our 5 butterflies was born. We took them down to the field and released them into the sunshine. We watched them fly away as we waved "bye bye!" to our beautiful butterflies.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Our mud kitchen!

On Wednesday 15th April, a new area was opened in the Foundation Stage outdoor area - our Mud Kitchen! We were very excited that Mrs Nash wore one of her best hats for the occasion (which we helped her to choose), and we clapped and cheered as she cut the ribbon and declared our Mud Kitchen 'Open!'. We played and explored in the mud, making mud pies and mud potions with the pots and pans which our families had donated. We know that the Mud Kitchen will really help our learning and enjoyment when we are outside.
Robins and Wrens.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Year 4 Residential

On March 11th forty two children from year 4 went on a residential visit to Lea Green. They participated in a very exciting and challenging range of outdoor  activities which included the low ropes, zip wire, buggies, indoor rock climbing, Bushcraft and the team swing.  The night walk was a great success and our Star Ambush game was fabulous fun too. The 3 day visit was a fantastic opportunity for children to take part in team and confidence building challenges and they enjoyed every minute of it. Many parents enjoyed following all the goings on by following the school twitter account - click here to see more pictures!

Pond news

This year our Year 4 pupils entered a competition for Seven Trent water because of all of the activities we do outdoors in our school grounds. Along with the pond re-creation we also received new nets and pond dipping equipment to use. The Year 4 pupils drew pictures to show the design that we wanted. Seven Trent water also added a seating aria around the pond and log piles near the pond. Mrs Martin and the Year 4 pupils had lots of meetings and they discussed what they wanted the pond to look like. During February half term break, 9 people came from Severn Trent and spent two days on site when they put a path all the way round the pond. thanks to seven trent we now have a nice new pond where Silverhill pupils can enjoy pond dipping and finding new pond creatures.
By Sophie & Katie

Year 4 Normans day

 On Wednesday, 25th March, Nightingales and Kingfishers brought their latest topic to an end with a Norman Day.  Many of the pupils enjoyed dressing up for the day and our brilliant visitor, Tom, was full of knowledge about all things Norman.  Everybody had lots of fun, especially those who had a battle outside!

Foundation Stage trip to the Farm

On Thursday 26th March, Robins and Wrens visited Ash End House Children's Farm near Tamworth. We were all very excited about going on a journey, and we all remembered to pack our sandwiches! We saw lots of animals, including some baby ones which helped us with our topic question, 'Does everything grow?' We met some chicks which were only 2 days old, and some of us were brave enough to hold some of the older chicks. Then we were able to collect an egg each which we were allowed to take home to eat - yummy!! We fed oats to the goats (one of them was so hungry he tried to nibble on Mrs Young!) and we gave a baby lamb some milk from a bottle. We saw a giant shire horse and we stroked some sheep, as well as seeing lots of ducks and chickens - some of them looked like they were wearing feathery trousers! We had our lunch in a real barn before playing on the playground and bouncing high on the bouncy cushion. Then it was time to say goodbye to Ash End House Farm and make our way back to school. We had a wonderful day, and our teachers were really proud of our excellent behaviour and the great questions we asked Farmer Jenny.

Year 1 trip to the zoo

On a slightly wet Thursday in March our Year 1 pupils headed off to Twycross Zoo in search of some wonderful animals. The children had a great day out seeing elephants and zebras, gorillas and tortoises, spiders and monkeys. The children used their map reading skills to find their way around and even had time to visit the butterfly forest. A great day out for Year 1.

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