Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mr Turner inspires Foundation Stage

On Tuesday 17th February, Mr Turner, a keen astronomer, visited Robins and Wrens to talk to them about Space. The children learned about rockets, astronauts and planets. They also learned a little bit about telescopes and how to use them. The children asked some excellent questions - How do astronaut suits work? What is the moon made of? How do rockets work? - and now lots of children are now keen to have 'being an astronaut' as a career choice! Good work Mr Turner!

Silverhill Braves American Football

On Thursday 5th  February, a group of Year 6 pupils took part in an American Flag Football festival hosted by the Derby Braves team from the University Of Derby.

 The school team was “Silverhill Storm” and we were up against teams from other schools such as: “Arboretum All-Stars” “Brackensdale Broncos” “Drysdale Dynamos” and “St. Josephs Jets”.

 The pupils took on a series of training courses including passing, throwing, catching and sprinting.

After the teams completed the training exercises they competed in a friendly against the other schools. We only got to play one match before we ran out of time. We played against “Arboretum All-Stars” and scored 2 Touchdowns (Scored by Finn and Jack) and 4 tags. Overall it was a well-deserved win by “Storm”.

At the end of the festival the team had a picture taken with a couple players from the Braves Team.

The next day the team were awarded a certificate each and an American Football for the children to play with at break time.

by George