Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Key Stage 2 Poem and songs

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The hall has been a very packed place for the last couple of days as both Key Stage 1 and 2 perform the Christmas performances for parents, family and friends. After our younger pupils performed a modern twist of the nativity with their 'Midwife Crisis', our entire Key Stage 2 performed Christmas poems and songs. Well done to all the children who learned their words, songs and music so well. We're all well and truly feeling very festive now!

Year 2 It's behind you!

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On Friday 11th December, Year 2 went to watch a very exciting performance of ‘Aladdin’ at Derby Arena. It was a fantastic show and we all enjoyed getting involved with shouting and singing along. What a festive time we all had!

Key Stage 1's Midwife Crisis

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Well done to all our Year 1 and 2 pupils and staff for performing another wonderful Christmas nativity production! With a modern day twist to the traditional tale 'A Midwife Crisis' involved a cast of 120 pupils with all the usual characters plus a few extras and kept Key Stage 2 and 2 hall full sets of parents, family and friends very entertained. We're really starting to feel very Christmassy now!

A busy week in Year 4!

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On Monday 7th December, Nightingales and Kingfishers rounded off their Ancient Greek topic with a Greek Day.  Everybody looked amazing dressed in traditional Greek clothes.  We made Greek theatre masks and had the chance to eat some delicious (and , for some, not so delicious!) Greek food.  A great end to a fantastic topic.

Then on Wednesday, 9th December, all of Year 4 went to a New Age Kurling festival.  For most of us, this was a new sport but we soon picked it up and had a great morning competing against each other and against other schools. 

Year 1 visit the Elves!

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Both Year 1 classes went on a trip to Derby Theatre before Christmas to see a production of ‘The Elves and the shoemaker’. It was lovely for them to see a familiar traditional tale brought to life, and lots of audience participation ensured a good time was had by all!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Nativity story by Foundation Stage

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What a Christmas treat for the school today when we filled the hall to watch the first performance of the Foundation Stage nativity. With angel voices, the children all managed to sing, dance and remembered their parts beautifully. Well done children and staff for such a lovely start to our Christmas festivities.

Christmas is here!

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Christmas festivities well and truly began at Silverhill today as the children all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner on Christmas jumper day! Raising money for ITV's Text Santa charity, the children wore a splendid array of flashing, sparkling and christmassy jumpers while Sally and the dinner staff cooked and served over 400 Christmas dinners! Well done everyone - a fantastic effort!

Our school choir

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On 4th December our wonderful school choir went to sing at Dove House residential home in Sudbury and The Birches in Mickleover. The residents thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children singing as well as joining in with some of the carols. The children gave such pleasure with their singing and brightened the lives of some of the older generation wishing them a very merry Christmas.

Year 5 and 6 gym competition

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Congratulations to our fantastic team of year 5 and 6 gymnasts who performed magnificently in the Derby City School Sport Partnership gymnastic competition. The children all performed brilliantly resulting in the team bronze award. Congratulations to India for her individual bronze award. We're very proud of you all!

The Tale of Shakespeare's Macbeth

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On Tuesday December 1st, our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils were visited by The Young Shakespeare Company and enthralled by a stunning performance of Macbeth. The children were inspired by just the right mix of participation, explanation and the traditional play itself. It was a real treat to be so close to such excellent actors and the children were utterly mesmerized and buzzing. We look forward to seeing the work the children create from this visit next term!

Postman Bains visits Robins and Wrens

On Tuesday December 1st, Wrens and Robins had a special visitor - it was Mr Bains the postman! We have been reading the Jolly Postman and thinking about people who help us, so we really enjoyed meeting a real live postman. We asked lots of questions, including "How do you sort the letters out?" and "How do you get the parcels through the doors?" Mr Bains showed us his uniform, including his special postman gloves and his woolly hat. He also showed us the cards that postmen use if people aren't at home and his big bag for all the letters. Thank you Mr Bains, from Robins and Wrens

Cycle Derby in school

Our Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils have all been keeping the staff from Cycle Derby very busy this half term with Balanceability for our younger chidren, Level 1 training for our Year 5 and Level 2 training for our Year 6! Well done everyone for braving the elements and showing your skills!

Spice tasting in Year 5

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In Year 5, as part of our Food focus this year, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the local Indian  Restaurant, The Basmatti in Heatherton. The visit focussed on the use of spices in the culinary world of India, their history, uses and many different varieties.
The session started off with the children smelling and looking at a range of different spices, from the King of all Spices (Cumin), to the Queen (Cardamom). We were all intrigued by the many different textures and colours, and had great fun guessing what sort of foods they could be used in! Following a little bit of a historical tour of India, and a lesson on the scoville pepper scale, our brave taste testers began the taste-bud exploding task of trying a little of each spice. Many memories were made that day, from the sweet and minty delights, to the explosions of fiery flavours from the stronger spices; There were many funny faces to be seen!
We had an absolutely fabulous session, and learnt a lot! We would like to thank the Basmatti for their lesson, our free meal vouchers and the excellent insight into Indian Cuisine.

Year 2 at the Fundamentals festival

On November 24th Peregrines went to the 'Fundamentals Festival!' This was an exciting morning taking part in many different sporting activities. We were learning football skills, taking part in agility activities, riding bikes and even learning how to do some yoga! We all had a fantastic time.
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Year 1 have an igloo!

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As a part of their Homes around the World topic the year 1 pupils and staff have been busy building their very own unique winter home! It's been a long time building with a whole lot of milk bottles and a very large amount of glue but our year 1 pupil finally have their very own igloo and it make a perfect reading den!