Tuesday, 31 July 2018

School's out for summer

All the staff at Silverhill would like to thank all our families for the very kind cards, letters and gifts at the end of term - it really means a lot so THANK YOU!

We wish you all a very sunny, happy and safe summer holidays and we will see you again in September!

Superhero Star!

Well done to Harley who has earned the most stars on his Superheroes PE assessments this year! He was presented with his special t-shirt in the final assembly of the year by Mrs Brundish so he can wear his t-shirt with pride in PE lessons next year!

Megazone with Year 6

It was a very hot and sweaty day on Monday 22nd July when our fabulous Year 6 were treated for all their amazing hard work this year with our annual trip to Megazone. The only way to cool off once we returned to school was with a water fight! Making memories in the last few days of primary!

Prize Giving

Congratulations to all our fantastic award winners this year. A lovely assembly attended by all pupils, staff and parents and Mrs Nash as our very special guest, saw Juniper, Amelia, Lola, Alexander, Tilly, Braiden, Peyton, Connor, Gabriella, Antonia, Tanisha and Rihanna collect awards for their SPIRIT and effort, progress or attitude to their school work. A new award specially chosen by our governors was presented by Mrs Hunter and Mr Haywood to Maisie in Year 5. For our Year 6 pupils, Nivedha was awarded the trophy for creative writing, the award for Spirit was awarded to Evan, whilst Millie and Poppy received awards for effort and Billy was awarded the trophy for most improvement. Year 6 awards were also presented to Sofia for art, Charlie for citizenship, Aasia for sports girl and Lewis for sports boy. The award for English was given to Ben and the award for Maths was given to Georgia.  Finally, Mr Gallagher presented this year's Headteacher Award to Chloe. Many, many congratulations to all our winners. We are very proud of you all!

Bags 2 School

Manythanks to all our families who had a good clear out in support of the Bags 2 School project. Thanks to your support 270kg was donated in exchange for school funds. Don't worry if you missed out - there will be another collection in January!

The Greatest Cinderella Rockerfella

Our Year 6 Leavers 2018 certainly lived up to the title of 'The Greatest Cinderella Rockerfella' when they put on three magnificent performances of their leavers production. Filling the hall three times over the 17th and 18th July, the children entertained the rest of the school, staff and hundred of parents and families. Well done Year 6 - you were awesome! Come back soon to find the link to video highlights of the show!

FS2 Palaeontologist

After some very exciting learning all about Dinosaurs and even competing to build the best dinosaur egg nest, on July 17th a real life palaeontologist visited FS2 and helped the children who were digging for fossils and fantastically finishing our dinosaur topic!

Monday, 16 July 2018

Global enrichment

Kestrels were lucky to have a very special visitor on Friday 13th July, which was Sofia's mum.  She taught us all about Russia and was extremely kind bringing in Russian food and drink for us to taste.  We had great fun doing a quiz and making a traditional headdress.  Thank you very much Olga for your time.

Picnic in the Park

Year 2 prepared a yummy picnic that they then took to Vicarage Road park.  They had great fun playing parachute games and on the play area.  Afterwards they enjoyed their picnic with all their friends and Bradley Bear too.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Track and Field finals

What a fantastic performance our squad of 12 put on at Primary Track and Field on Thursday 12th July. We competed in track sprints, javelin, shot putt, long jump and triple jump. There are too many amazing individual performances to mention bit the entire squad came home with at least one individual podium place in their heats which showed what a strong overall team we had this year. Huge thanks to Mr Turner and StrengthLab UK for preparing us for the competition. We were delighted with the final results; Bronze for girls team and Bronze for boys team! well done everyone!      

Music in Year 5

We want to say a massive thank you to Mrs Marler for visiting the Barn Owls’ classroom to deliver a fabulous and energetic music workshop, focused on reading music and exploring a wide range of instruments. Mrs Marler’s musical expertise meant that the children were able to compose their own Egyptian style pieces, building in what they had learnt about tempo and pitch. We would like to thank the talented Mrs Marler for her time and enthusiasm. A fabulous afternoon, enjoyed by Mrs McBride and all of the Barn Owls! 
Mrs McBride

Year 4 visit derby Museum

On Wednesday 11th July, Year 4 went to Derby Museum for the day to take part in a habitats workshop linked to our Science topic. We had lots of fun exploring different types of invertebrates within the museum and even made our own craft dragonflies. 
After lunch we also had time to look around the museum. We recognized a lot of things from our Year 3 topics also, from the Stone Age to Vikings. 

British Heart Foundation

Thank you so much to everyone who has dug deep at various stages throughout this school year to help us support our chosen charity - The British Heart Foundation. We are so proud to have smashed or fund raising target for this year! In a special assembly we welcomed Derek to school to hand over a whopping £2525! Thank you and well done Silverhiil!

Year 2 Music

Year 2 had plenty of fun learning a new song and playing various instruments during their music lesson on Tuesday 10th July.  Special and huge thanks to Mrs Marler and her assistant Mrs Williams (Silverhill parents) for giving up their time to teach the children.  What a fantastic time they all had!
Mrs Dyke

County Finals

Our Gold winners from Golf and Bronze winners from Cyclo and Grass track cycling were in action on Tuesday 10th July at the County Finals at Mount St Marys college. The golfers took part in the Change 4 Life challenge which involved orienteering, Nordic walking and archery! The cycling team did themselves proud with a 8th place finish overall. Thanks to Mr Wiggins for accompanying the golf team. Also a huge thanks to Mr Burrows for being such a big help with our cycling team throughout the year. 

Twins Triathlon!

Many congratulations to Imogen and Ayla who competed in the Derby Junior Triathlon....

'On the 8th July I did the Derby Triathlon. Even though I had a stomach ache in the morning I was still willing to race. My number on my race belt was 108 and the same on my bike. As well as that, Mr Turner even came to watch as my knees shaked when the nerves and head and stomach ache hit me again.
As I lined up to start my swim the lady counted down from ten then blew the whistle. As I swam I released I was first in my group. We had to swim 10 lengths and I came out first. After the swim came the bike but I lost 20 seconds because I couldn't find my bike!
After I found it, I saw that most of my group had overtaken me so I cycled as fast as I could. We then had to go down a very steep hill. Then soon enough I had to go up the hill. I changed my gears into an easy one to get up it and I did. After doing that four more times I started to feel very, very sick.
The I went into transition so I got off my bike and racked it up so then I had a minute to get my breath because I felt terrible. Then I ran and ran. After a while I felt s bad I could not breath at all. I took some water to clear up my throat. Then after three laps of a long run I saw the finish line and I sprinted as if it was to save my life. Then my race was over!'

'Yet again it was another extraordinary experience to do my fourth triathlon. I couldn't be more proud of beating my sister! Before the race Mr Turner came to watch me. I was excited that a teacher  actually came to watch me do the Derby Triathlon. The more I waited for my name to be called for the swim, the more I got nervous. finally it was called and I was in the furthest lane by the exit door I had to run out of. 10 lengths (250 meters) ended but I had to stop half way though but I still did come first. I ran as fast as I could out of the pool to get into the transition. I put my trainers and helmet on and got my bike off the rack. All I could hear was "Come on Ayla, you can do it" from Mr Turner. It was cool on the bike because I saw Imogen. I was a lap in front because I started before. After 4 laps on the bike i had to go up a massive hill. I did it in no time and went though a tennis court to dismount off my bike. The running was the hardest because I'd just been on the bike. I gave it my all and ran as fast as I could. I got three bands so I ran down the finish line as fast as my legs would go and I finished the race. It was a great experience and I loved it!'.'

Year 2 mini althletics

Thursday 5th July saw an excellent gold award achievement by our Year 2 althletics team, winning the mini athletics competition at Moorways. There were some fantastic performances, especially in the relays! The future looks bright at Silverhill!
Mr Turner

American Sports Festival

Thanks to the DCSSP for organizing the American Sports Festival on Tuesday 3rd July. The Year 4 and 5 children really enjoyed playing in the different  sports; Baseball, Basketball, American Fotball and Dodgeball. The learned lots of new skills, showed lots of silverhill SPIRIT and had lots of fun too!
Mr Turner

Year 2 visit the Sikh temple

On Monday 2nd July, Year 2 enjoyed an interesting morning visiting the Sikh Gurdwara to learn more about the Sikh religion  to develop their understanding about others beliefs and values.  Thank you to the lovely people at the Gurdwara, for making us feel welcome and for sharing their yummy food. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Year 6 rounders

On Thursday 28th we saw a great effort by our Year 6 rounders team. We won 2 games, drew 1 and lost 1 in our group and qualifies for the quarter finals where we were narrowly defeated by the Royal School for the Deaf. Well done team!
Mr Turner

The Puzzle Tomb experience in Year 5

On the 28th June 2018, the Year 5 classes were enthralled by the Egyptian Puzzle Tomb. The Egyptian Puzzle Tomb is a company who arrange an amazing display of themed activities like: finding keys and finding clues to unlock doors. The idea was that we were unlocking the doors to find the sarcophagus and escape the tomb. I was in a group of six people and we conquered all the rooms. To start, we were faced with the first room where there was a water tower and ornaments which unlocked padlocks to the next room. In the next stage we found the corpse of D.Simpsons who had left us some clues. For the first time there was a box which was a double bluff! Finally we were faced with the sarcophagus, the main piece which we had to unlock to find a key. The key was to finish the challenge. Most groups managed to complete the challenge in the allotted time but everybody had an amazing time! Thank you to the Egyptian Puzzle Tomb!
By Soloman

Beat Feet

The hall came alive with the sound of African drums on Tuesday 26th June when Beat Feet came back to visit. Our Year 4 and Year 6 pupils took part in their own drumming sessions where they learned the correct techniques to play the drums as well as learning the musical traditions as well as joining in with some powerful singing and chanting in different languages. During the day,  Kingfishers class expertly shared their learning with the rest of the school in a very lively assembly enjoyed by the rest of the school.

JCB visit

On Monday 25th June three of our lucky Year 6 girls were invited to visit the JCB academy and attend a 'Women in Engineering' event...

'Myself and 2 others were lucky enough to have an afternoon at the JCB academy, to take part in an event to inspire women to think about  becoming an engineer. We took part in two different team building activities, we were lucky enough to be in the winning group. It was nice to see there is more to school than just normal subjects and it prepares you for work with the way they teach you and the longer days.'

by Chloe

We Are Writers

It's been a long time in the making but on Monday 25th June we were finally able to distribute copies of our first very own school book - 'We Are Writers', featuring a special piece of writing from every pupil in school. Well done to all the children who have all now become published writers with a range of their best writing from stories and poems to letters and diaries. Thank you to all the parents who helped type the children's work and to all the parents who have purchased a copy of our book -  we hope you enjoy reading all our work.

PTFA Community Day

Thank you to everyone who turned up and lent an hand (and a lot of elbow grease!) for our PTFA Community Day on Saturday 22nd June. Many hands certainly do make light work and we're confident the children will love the results of everyone's hard work. So many parts of our outdoor learning spaces look so much nicer due to the team; varnishing the out door classroom, painting benches, installing new play equipment and seating areas, weeding and planting flower beds; it was a tremendous effort. A very big special thank you to Julie who stepped down as chair. Visit our twitter feed to see more photographs from this brilliant day.

Year 2 stay safe

On 22nd June Year 2 had a visitor to teach them all about the bad gas carbon monoxide!  Thank you Emmi for doing the workshop that gave us plenty of facts and information so that we could teach others about the importance of being aware of carbon monoxide.
Mrs Dyke

Year 2 football team

On Friday 22nd June, Mr Turner saw an amazing performance from our Year 2 football team when they won the Soccer Stars Tournamant. The children played 4 games in their group, winning 3 and drawing 1. They then played the semi final and went on to be the winners against Hilton A team on penalties with a blinding save from Jack in goal. Well done boys!
Mr Turner

Year 2 visit Mickleover library

On 21st June the Kestrels enjoyed exploring Mickleover Library to develop their love of reading.  Thank you Mickleover Library staff for making us feel so welcome.
Mrs Dyke

Grass Track cycling team

On a hot and sunny Thursday afternoon, Mrs Brundish proudly took our team of Year 5 and 6 grass track cyclists to compete in the final meet of the season. Over the three meets, they finished in third place putting them through to the county finals later in the next month. Amazing effort - well done team!