Sunday, 14 October 2018

Silverhill Spirit

We are always very proud of or Silverhill pupils for their Silverhill SPIRIT and recently we have some shining examples to share.
Imogen has had a new hair cut and she loves it. She was able to send 4 lots of 14 inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust to help make wigs for children suffering hair loss.
Hattie completed the Mini Marathon in aid of The Sick Children's Trust alongside her Dad, they raised £1000.
The Pott children who were so inspired they arranged a cake sale and sponsored silence to raise £140 for the British Heart Foundation and Macmillian Cancer.

Well done children - shining examples of Silverhill SPIRIT and a real inspiration to us all!

Cyclo Cross with Cycle Derby

On Thursday 11th October we welcomed Cycle Derby back into school for our Year 5 and 6 pupils to have the opportunity to try cyclo cross. It was definitely not as muddy as last year on the bottom field so the going was a little easier and the children had a great time with some super riding and racing on display.

Rock Steady Music School

On Wednesday 10th October, we welcomed Rock Steady Music back into school to find out more exciting news for a possible school rock band. Working in the hall with each year group, the children were given the opportunity to try out their talents on the drum, keyboard and guitar. We certainly found some potential future rock stars! More information about joining the band should have been sent home with the children.

Girls football

The year 5/6 girl’s football tournament took place at Merrill Academy on 4th October 2018.  There were eight schools taking part all together, which were separated into two groups of four. The format for the day was the top two teams from each group go on to play each other in the semi-finals and then final. The first game we played was rather easy as we managed to win 6-0. The second game we then won 5-0. The third game against Chellaston was much more difficult as they had a few Derby Ladies players in their team. It was a very close game with not many goal scoring chances, it finished a 0-0 draw. We weren’t quite sure if we finished 1st or 2nd in our group. That means we played in the semi-final against Walter Evans and surprisingly beat them 5-0. In the other semi-final, Chellaston played against Oakwood and beat them 3-2.
That meant we had to play Chellaston in the final who we had already played and drew 0-0 against. The game was 10 minutes long and if it was a draw there would be 5 minutes of extra time with golden goal (which ever team scores first wins). If it’s still a draw after extra time it goes to penalties (best of three). The ref blew his whistle and the game started, we were confident and determined to win. The match was again very close, but this time both teams had good chances to score. After ten minutes nobody had scored, which meant it went to extra time. When that five minutes was over still nobody had scored. That meant three people from each team had to take a penalty.
If we drew on penalties it would go to sudden death. Our three penalty takers were me (Imogen) Kaylah and Ayla. Kaylah volunteered to go in goal and also take the first penalty. She struck it well and even though it went straight at the goalie, the power took it passed the line so Silverhill were 1-0 up. The next one went to Chellaston which they only just missed because it went wide. Afterwards it was my penalty and I struck the ball into the top right corner of the goal. It was now 2-0 with three penalties left, Ayla and two other people from Chellaston. They were up first and if she missed then we won and if she scored then we would play on. She shot the ball in the middle of the goal high above Kaylah’s head. She jumped up reaching for the ball and tipped it over the bar. Ayla didn’t have to take her penalty as we had already scored 2.
That means Silverhill had won the whole tournament and were through the county finals, where we will play the other schools from across the county.
Silver Hill Team: Imogen Burrows, Ayla, Kalpriya, Anouska, Mary, Imogen, Kaylah, Evelyn, Ellen and Fearne.
Manager: Mr Turner
Match report by Imogen B

Year 5/6 football kicks off!

October 2nd 

Silverhill vs Meadow Farm game 1

Meadow Farm got kick off. They passed it back to their center mid who got the ball taken off him by Harry and he went on the attack. Unluckily, their defender kicked it out of play for a corner. Issac whipped it in and Harry Johnson got his head on it. It bounced and went through the keeper's legs on into the goal!!!! 1-0 Silverhill. The next 15 minutes were pretty boring apart from Silverhill scored 2 more goals. So 3-0 Silverhill.
Meadow Farm vs Silverhill game 2
Silverhill got kick off. They passed it back to their keeper who played it out to harry. As they started to move forward, they kept passing it around. This led to a goal, scored by Addi. The next 15 minutes were incredible yo watch, as they were the ones played as better football. Silverhill scored 2 more goals making it 3-0 Silverhill. Both teams played brilliantly but Silverhill were just that little bit extra. Meadow farm played brilliant football. Well done.

October 8th

Chaddaston Park vs Silverhill game 1
Chadd got kick off. They passed it around a bit and moved forwards. Thankfully Harry made a vital tackle. Passing it to Harrison who played it to Issac. It bounced off the crossbar. Chad went on the counter and scored. How unfortunate!!! The next ten minutes were a bit dull. When the last 5 minutes came, they knew they had to pull their socks up(not literally). They pushed up and SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!1-1. What an interesting game!!!!!!!!!!

Chaddaston Park vs Silverhill game 2
Silverhill got kick off. They played it around a bit before making a silly mistake and giving the ball straight to Chadd's striker. He played it through and their team scored. As the game went on, Silverhill had many chances (such as George's effort that came off the crossbar) but somehow didn't score. Unfortunately, the score ended up being 1-0 to Chadd Park. Both teams played very well, and Silverhill had many more

Match reports by Harry

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Year 1 visit the church

 On Tuesday 2nd October, Year 1 visited All Saints Church in Mickleover as part of our ‘Through the Keyhole’ topic. We had already learnt about some of the important features of churches and we went to see if we could find these in a real church. We found many of the features and can now explain what they are. A brilliant morning had by all.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

House Captains

Congratulations to all the Year 6 pupils chosen by the Year 5 and 6 staff and their peers to represent the House Teams this year. The children are chosen for their attitude to their school work, their integrity and passion for school, their leadership and organisation skills, their positive relationships with others and of course always demonstrating Silverhill SPIRIT in all that they do. The children are all ready to take on there new roles which this year comes with much more responsibility. We're sure they will rise to the challenge and we look forward to seeing and hearing much more from them over the coming year.

For Emerald
Team Eagles
Tessa and Solomon
Team Hawks
x and x

For Ruby
Team Eagles
Charlotte and Cavan
Team Hawks
x and x

For Amythst
Team Eagles
Holly and Harry
Team Hawks
x and x

For Diamond 
Team Eagles
Fearne and Tomm
Team Hawks
x and x

School ambassadors

Congratulations to Riannah, Jai, James and Evie who have been chosen as our new School Ambassadors. Chosen for their positive attitude and Silverhill SPIRIT we know everyone in school will be able to call on the for help and advice when it's needed. We look forward to hearing from them soon about their role in school.