Monday, 6 February 2012

Have you seen the owl?

If you haven't seen it yet why not visit the Oxford Owl for ideas and support on how parents can help and support their child's learning. With maths and reading activities and support, plus 250 free eBooks, it's well worth a visit. Click here to visit the site.

Friday, 3 February 2012

The big show...

Big congratulations to all the children who performed so magnificently in the production of 'Simba's Story'. Brilliant acting from the lead cast and wonderful singing from the choir has made the staff and parents very proud of all the children that took part. Click through to the Blog to see all the cast and show pictures.

Simba's Story in action shots...

Simba's lead cast and crew...

Lauren - Young Simba

Sam - Rafiki

Samuel - King Mufasa

Angelina - Scar

Imogen - Zazu

Ajay - Adult Simba

Danny - Pumbaa

Kane - Timon

Amy & Sian - Narrators

Kacey & Sophie - Sound Technicians

Pots make pounds....

We have register with the Petit Filous scheme which will exchange lids for equipment for school. Start collecting and send in your lids (preferably clean please!) into your child's class teacher. Each lid is worth 2p until the 31st July, so with your help we should be able to exchange for some great extra equipment for school! Thank you