Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hamlet in Year 6

Year 5 and 6 were in for at treat this week when ‘The Young Shakespeare Theatre Company’ came in to pay us all a visit with a truly spectacular performance of Hamlet. From laughing along at Hamlet’s ‘crazy’ antics, gasping at the horror of the treachery and pulling out our tissues at the very tragic ending, the performance was thoroughly enjoyed by all – staff included! A huge thankyou to the YSC for the fabulous show, and giving us a little insight into the world of Shakespeare.​

On Friday 3rd February Years 5 and 6 went ballistic with laughter when the Young Shakespeare came in to perform Hamlet; it was great fun to watch. The play was incredibly funny and also was intriguing to find out what happened to King Claudius. The ending was one of the saddest parts as the main characters all ended up getting poisoned, all because of king Claudius’ greed and vileness. What a fantastic experience! Thank you tot he Young Shakespeare company - we had a great time! Visit our Twitter page to watch some videos from the performance. 

By Archie