Sunday, 13 January 2019

Year 2 discover a fascinating bottle

What an incredible start to their new topic the Year 2 children have had this week. Mrs Brundish and Mrs Goodchild spotted a strange bottle bobbing in the River Derwent as they enjoyed an evening meal at Darleys on Wednesday. The children spent Thursday morning thinking of what could possibly be inside. After break we opened the bottle and found a letter from a little  boy who was in the Titanic on that fateful evening in 1912 along with his ticket. We set off down to the train track to measure how long the TItanic was- an incredible 269m - this gave the children a real feel of just how big this incredible ship was! The afternoon was spent making some incredible displays. The children also had a discussion about what they already knew about the Titanic and wrote down what else they wanted to find out. We can’t wait to find out more about the little boy John whose letter has been floating in oceans and rivers for over 100 years! 
Mrs Brundish