Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Easter winners

Just before Easter, many children yet again took part in our annual Easter egg competition. As ever, there was an eggs-tremely high standard - with some eggs-cellent themes including our very own Rock Steady and a lot of BrEGGsit ideas from many of the entries! Congratulations to all our winners...

Robins - Tyler
Wrens - 
Sparrows - Seth's L'egg' o
Swallows - Duru's traditional Easter basket
Kestrels - Dylan's Titanic
Peregrines - Tom's beaver egg
Goldfinches - Alice's Silverhill Singers
Chaffinches - Harry
Kingfishes - 
Nightingales - Ryan's spiders
Barn Owls - 
Snowy Owls - Catlin
Hawks - VIc's WW2 planes
Eagles - Isaak